Breaking Barriers.

Making Change.

Empowering Each Other.

November 15-16, 2023 | Orlando

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Excell Represent is an unprecedented professional advancement and community-building experience for women in wealth management.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Why attend Excell Represent?
So many women in wealth management are out their crushing their goals. But they often don’t have a strong network of women who’ve shared their experiences with them. At Represent, you’ll get the professional development, practice management and leadership content you want, but more importantly, you’ll build a strong network of powerful women that support and empower each other.
What makes Excell Represent different?
There are other conferences for women. But Excell Represent is the only collaboration of companies from across channels and business models (even competitors teaming up!) who are all committed to address the underrepresentation of women in wealth management. After our first event in 2022, 100% of attendees said they’d recommend Represent to others.
Is Excell Represent only for women?
Excell Represent is also for male allies in leadership who are committed to building a firm culture that empowers and supports women. The attendees will be overwhelmingly female, but we can’t make the change we want to see in our industry without the buy-in, commitment and effort from the men who make up 80% of our profession. Stepping up as mentors, sponsors and empowering leaders is a requirement. If Excell Represent can help you do that, you’re more than welcome!